Cincinnati Symphony Receives $26M for New Recruits and Pay Rises

Cincinnati Symphony 26 Million Donation Cover

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra has today announced that over the past 14 months they have raised more than $26 Million in development initiatives – most of wish will be used to hire 14 new orchestral members.

"At the conclusion of the 5 year hiring period the ensemble will be restored to its full complement of 90 musicians," Orchestra President Trey Devey has explained.

The extraordinary fund-raising efforts, collected from 26 local Cincinnati families, individuals and foundations, will also facilitate a 5 year incremental increase of the musician's base salary to $106,432 per 52-week season.

“I think it's a very big deal … ” President and CEO of the League of American Orchestras, Jesse Rosen has told the Enquirer, “ … the big deal is not the size of the amount of money, it's the commitment to raise that kind of money to bring the orchestra back to a higher compliment to ensure that it's playing at the highest quality.”