Finalists Announced at America’s Cooper International Violin Competition

The 3 Finalists have been announced at the 2017 Cooper International Violin Competition – including 16 year old VC Rising Star Johan Dalene


The 3 Finalists have today been announced at the 2017 Thomas & Evon Cooper International Violin Competition, at Oberlin College, in Ohio, United States – including 16 year old VC Rising Star Johan Dalene.

The 2017 Finalists are:

  1. VC Rising Star Johan Dalene (16, Sweden)
  2. Qing Yu Chen (17, United States)
  3. Christina Jihee Nam (14, United States)

For the Final Round, to be held at Cleveland’s Severance Hall on July 21st, each Finalist will perform a full concerto with conductor Jahja Ling and The Cleveland Orchestra.

The first prize winner will receive US $20,000 – plus a number of important debut opportunities.

Following the completion of the Semi-Final Stage, 4th, 5th and 6th prizes were awarded to 18 year old Zachary Brandon, 17 year old Maya Anjali Buchanan and 18 year old Kiarra Saito-Beckman.

VC Rising Star Johan Dalene was awarded this year’s ‘Audience Prize’ following the Semi-Final Round.

This year’s jury comprises: Gregory Fulkerson, Sibbi Bernhardsson, David Bowlin, Chenxing Huang, Haik Kazazyan, Marilyn McDonald, Mark Messenger, Jan Mark Sloman, Naoko Tanaka and Milan Vitek.

Open to international violinists aged 14 to 18, previous 1st prize winners include VC Young Artist Sirena Huang.

PHOTO CREDIT: Roger Mastroianni