Finnish Violinist & Conductor Jaakko Kuusisto Diagnosed With a Brain Tumor

Finnish violinist, conductor & composer Jaakko Kuusisto has announced that he will in coming weeks undergo surgery for a brain tumor


Finnish violinist, conductor and composer Jaakko Kuusisto has this week announced, via his own social media, that he will undergo surgery for a brain tumor in coming weeks.

Jaakko previously served as Concertmaster of the Lahti Symphony Orchestra - and currently serves as Artistic Director of the Oulu Music Festival and as Chief Conductor of the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra.

The 46-year-old has indicated that the tumor is most likely malignant - and that his doctors are very hopeful of a successful surgery and recovery.

Jaakko has indicated he made the upfront announcement on his own social media to avoid "inaccurate rumors going around".