OUT NOW | Violinist Friedemann Eichhorn's New CD: 'Rode Violin Concertos Nos. 11 & 12' [LISTEN]

Naxos Records has announced the release of German violinist Friedemann Eichhorn's new album: 'Rode Violin Concertos No. 11 and 12'


Naxos Records has this week announced the release of German violinist Friedemann Eichhorn's new album: Rode Violin Concertos No. 11 and 12.

Recorded with conductor Nicolás Pasquet and the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra, the disc features the world première recordings of 18th Century French composer Pierre Rode's Violin Concertos No. 11 in D Major and No. 12 in E Major.

"These two wonderful works complete my long term project to record all 13 violin concertos of the great Pierre Rode ... all 13 are so wonderfully creative and violinistic and were a pure joy to immerse myself in ..." Friedemann has told The Violin Channel.

"I was always fascinated by Rode's 24 Caprices ... so a few years ago I began researching what concertos he also composed in his lifetime ... I was thrilled to discover 13 complete concertos buried in archives - and truly astonished to find out noone had ever recorded all of them before ..." he has said.

"It took a considerable amount of work to take the often difficult-to-read historical editions, which were missing cadenzas, some scoring and piano reductions and piece these brilliantly virtuosic gems back together."

Track previews available now on Amazon and iTunes:

Rode: Violin Concertos Nos. 11 & 12 |CD|

Friedemann Eichhorn, Violinist

Nicolás Pasquet

Jena Philharmonic Orchestra

Release Date: May 11, 2018