Juilliard School Launch New Online 'Open Classroom' Music Courses

The Juilliard School has today launched a new online ‘Open Classroom’ - offering a suite of short internet-based performing arts courses

Juilliard School Open Classroom Cover

The Juilliard School in New York City has today launched a new online ‘Open Classroom’ offering a suite of short 6-week internet-based performing arts courses - available anywhere in the world.

Developed in collaboration with the edX web-based learning platform, the new multi-modal curriculum aims to connect the school, and its faculty, with a global audience.

Course topics, taught by members of Juilliard’s renowned teaching faculty, range from ‘Conquering Performance Anxiety’ to ‘Music Theory 101’ to ‘Sharpening Your Piano Artistry’ to ‘How to Listen to Great Music for Orchestra’.

The latest-technology classes also include an innovative video-sharing platform that allow students to form interactive practice groups with their peers and instructors.

"In the past, performing arts education was something that happened on college campuses, in private studios, or in concert halls …" Juilliard President Joseph W. Polisi has told The Violin Channel.

“Without changing our on-campus curriculum, Open Classroom will allow us to expand the reach and impact of our educational programmes, giving students of drama, music, and dance around the globe the opportunity to develop their craft and to understand the inner workings of great works of art under the guidance of some of the world’s greatest performing arts educators … " he has said.

Intended to reach non-Juilliard students, all 'Open Classroom' short-course graduates will receive a statement of accomplishment upon completion.

For more information, visit: open.juilliard.edu.