Italian Lipizer International Violin Competition Finalists Annnounced


The following 6 finalists have just minutes ago been announced at the 2013 Rodolfo Lipizer International Violin Competition, in Gorizia, Italy

Amalia Hall (New Zealand), David Petrlik (France), Fedor Roudine (Russia), Min Kyung Sul (Korea), Shuichi Okada (France) and Leonard Fu (Germany)

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id="AoL8XEM--xM" width="590" height="385" auto_thumb="1"]David Petrlik | 2013 Rodolfo Lipizer International Violin Competition | Semi-Final Recital

Leonard Fu from Germany, was awarded the ‘Lions Maria Theresia Club Gorizia’ Semi-Final Prize for best interpretation of this year’s set work ‘Atlante dell’immaginazione’ by Biagio Putignano

Jordan Victoria from France, was awarded the ‘R. Lipizer 1999’ Semi-Final prize for best interpretation of a 20th Century Piece or Sonata

Yu Tang from China, was awarded the Semi-Final prize for best semifinalist not admitted to the final

Kyun Min Park from South Korea, was awarded the ‘Anna Piciulin’ Semi-Final Prize for the strongest artistic temperament

Amalia Hall from New Zealand, was awarded the ‘Professor Lorenzo Qualli’ Semi-Final Prize for the best interpretation of a 19th Century Sonata

Webstreaming of 1st Round and Semi-Final recitals available at:

The final round will be held on Sunday 15th September

The Violin Channel will keep you abreast of the results as the rounds progress