Semi Finalists Announced at Seoul International Violin Competition

Christine Seohyun Lim Seoul Violin Competition Cover

The 12 Semi-Finalists have today been announced at the 2015 Seoul International Violin Competition in Seoul, Korea.

  • Fabiola Kim from the United States
  • Xiao Wang from China
  • Ayana Tsuji from Japan
  • Min Kyum Kim from South Korea
  • Hye Jin Kim from South Korea
  • Stephen Kim from the United States
  • Marisol Lee from South Korea
  • Jae Hyeong Lee from South Korea
  • Petteri Iivonen from Finland
  • Christine Seohyun Lim from the United States
  • Suliman Tekalli from the United States
  • Wonyoung Jung from South Korea

The final round will be held on the 28th and 29th of March, with this year’s 1st prize winner to receive US $50,000 and a number of international engagements.

This year’s jury comprises: Chairperson Hyo Kang, Radu Blidar, Choon-Soo Chung, Koichiro Harada, Kyung Sun Lee, Igor Ozim, Lucie Robert, Joel Smirnoff, Lina Yu, Pavel Vernikov and Krzysztof Wegrzyn.
Previous Seoul International Violin Competition prize winners include VC ‘Young Artists’ Clara-Jumi KangAndrey Baranov and Yoo Jin Jang.

PICTURED: Semi-Finalist, 20 Year Old Christine Seohyun Lim from the United States/South Korea.