Stefan Arzberger to Resign from Leipzig String Quartet Following Arrest


It has been announced today that German violinist Stefan Arzberger has stepped down as leader of the Leipzig String Quartet.

The 43 year old is awaiting an upcoming trial on attempted murder, assault and strangulation charges - following an incident on March 27th this year in a New York City hotel room.

It is alleged Arzberger gained access to the 64 year old female victim’s room, by making claims he was a member of the hotel’s staff, before forcefully wrapping his hands around her neck.

The violinist’s lawyer will argue Arzberger was the victim of a drug spiking and robbery, earlier the same evening, and that he has no recollection of the later unrelated attack.

Arzberger, who is currently on strict US $100,000 bail conditions, is not permitted to leave the state of New York.

The ensemble to date has fulfilled all concert obligations with stand-in players.

The Quartet has blamed the lengthy US judicial process for the resignation.

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