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Discover Thomastik-Infeld's Stringtelligence Platform

The Violin Channel recently caught up with the Thomastik-Infeld team to gain some insight into their platform,


The people of Thomastik-Infeld created their platform,, to help improve musicians' playing and instrument care. Using their over 100-year experience developing strings, the company's new online platform shares tips and tricks with string musicians. Readers are invited to browse through articles or watch informative videos like the one below:


Ever wondered how to tame a wolf tone?


"We like to share our knowledge and give advice to musicians so that they can get the very best sound out of their instruments and their play," Thomastik-Infeld said.

There are 8 information categories on the platform:

Dictionary — Find important terms for string musicians, mainly violinists

String Technology — Topics include how strings are made, how to store them, information on winding materials, etc

My string choice — Learn how to find strings that suit you best and some hacks on how to use your favorite strings in a way that makes them even better. For example, how to tame a wolf tone!

Before and after playing — Gain practical skills about changing strings, how to clean them, improve their lifespan, and get them concert ready in 10 minutes

String challenges — Grasp how to cope with specific challenges like rattling strings, clanking strings, rough surfaces, and fading sound colors

String companions — Here you will find articles about the importance of rosin and how to use it properly, plus fine tuner, string action, and nut

Environment & health — Find information about sustainability and possible allergies

Tutorial videos — The most important information has been made into easy-to-consume videos, like the one below:


Ever wondered how to store strings properly? is offered in English, German and Spanish. Looking for information on a specific topic? Search by category, browse through the overview page of each section, or use the search bar!

Find answers to your questions and more information on! 100 years of string knowledge gathered on one platform.



january, 2023


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