VC LIVE | Pärnu Music Festival Presents: Joshua Bell, Paavo Järvi & Estonian Festival Orchestra

The program features Dvořák’s Violin Concerto and Estonian composer Eduard Tubin’s “Music for Strings” and “Suite” from the The Goblin ballet


We’re coming to you from the 2021 Pärnu Music Festival in Estonia for a special concert featuring violinist Joshua Bell, conductor Paavo Järvi, and the Estonian Festival Orchestra.

Among the works featured are Eduard Tubin's (1905-1982) "Music for Strings" and "Suite" movements from "The Goblin" ballet. Born in the village of Torila in Tartumaa county, Tubin was a prolific composer known for his dynamic symphonic works highlighting national romanticism and atonality.

“The Goblin” premiered in 1943 at the Vanemuine Theatre, and was conducted by Tubin himself. The work is based on a mythical character from Estonian folklore, the Goblin, whose sole purpose is to serve his greedy master, the Farmer, in obtaining riches.

You can watch the stream, click here.