Violinist Coosje Wijzenbeek has Died, Age 72

The Dutch violinist and pedagogue passed away due to an undisclosed cause


Ms. Wijzenbeek was a widely acclaimed violinist and pedagogue in the Netherlands. Her teaching led to the development of several successful professional careers, including Dutch violinists Janine Jansen and Noa Wildschut.

As a violinist, she made several recordings with "Studio Laren," an early music group, and eventually joined the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra.

It was when she started working for an orchestra for young string players, known as "Fancy Fiddlers," that she realized her passion for educating younger musicians. She developed a home studio for students ages 6-19.

Another student of hers, Rosanne Philippens, spoke of the community Ms. Wijzenbeek created. "We are a kind of family," she said. "I feel an invisible connection with them. Coosje taught us professionalism and loyalty at a young age, which turned out to be extremely valuable."

We offer our condolences to Ms. Wijzenbeek's family, friends, students, and colleagues.