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25 Things Musicians Need to Do Today to Feel Better About Themselves ...

Here’s 25 things every classical musician needs to do today to feel better about themselves ...

Unfortunately, we don’t come with a manual. So here’s 25 things every classical musician needs to do today to feel better about themselves ...


1. Quit comparing yourself to others

1 Jealous 2


2. Stop letting money dictate decisions

2 cash 2


3. Stop basing the success of your career on any one project

3 alcoholic 2


4. Quit undervaluing your expertise

4 shy dog


5. Stop setting unachievable and overwhelming goals – to be done by tomorrow

5 stressed


6. Stop just sticking with what you know

6 sticking with what you know


7. Remind yourself why you are there

7 smile


8. Remember the source of criticism

8 criticism


9. Work towards a specific goal and vision

9 plan


10. Feed your inner artist

10 artist feed


11. Put something meaningful out every day

11 meaningful


12. Give every performance everything you got … then let it go

12 let it go


13. Switch focus from the journey to the destination

13 journey 2


14. Quit hating on others

14 hating


15. Embrace constructive criticism

15 nod 2


16. Work out and eat real

16 work out 6


17. Know who you are and what you want

17 know


18. Be nice

18 nice


19. Love the daily act of making music

19 make music 3


20. Live life as part of an artistic community

20 artist 6


21. Pursue passion projects

21 happy


22. Ensure you are constantly continuing to grow

22 rocky


23. Remain optimistic

23 optimism 2


24. Quit demanding perfection

24 miserable


25. And ... Don't take life too seriously

25 serious



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february, 2023


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