Conductor Daniel Harding To Take a Year Sabbatical to Fly Planes

Conductor Daniel Harding has announced his intention to take a sabbatical - to focus on his goal of being a commercial pilot


British conductor Daniel Harding has today announced his intention to take a one year sabbatical from the music industry - to focus on his long term goal of being a commercial pilot.

“I am not one of those people who limits themselves … I like to change things up … “ the 43-year-old has today told Spanish newspaper El País.

“Since I was a child, I have dreamt of flying planes … but my dedication to music since I was young has prevented me ...” Daniel has said.

"I am fascinated by the feeling and possibility of flying a plane … flying is an intellectual challenge, and it is also my new occupation …” he has said.

“I have recently been awarded my commercial pilot’s licence, and in the Spring of this year I will join Air France as a co-pilot  ... so for the 2020-21 season I will take a sabbatical from conducting to dedicate myself 100% to flying.”

Daniel, who currently serves as Conductor Laureate with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and as Music Director of the Swedish Radio Symphony, in February on this year announced his intention to step down as Music Director of the Orchestra de Paris at the end of this current season.