Former Columbia Artists Staff Launch New New York Management Agency

Arabella Arts, founded by Stefana Atlas and Samantha Scully, will launch a roster of established and up–and–coming artists


Joined by managers Jason Bagdade and Samir Nikocevic, the agency will work with VC Artist violinists Paul Huang, Emmanuel Tjeknavorian, and Charles Yang, along with violinists Philippe Quint and Julian Rachlin; conductors Mirga Gražinyte-Tyla, Jeannette Sorrell, Elena Schwarz, Marie Jacquot, Katharina Wincor, Thierry Fischer, Thomas Hengelbrock, Christian Zacharias, Michael Francis, Ankush Kumar Bahl, Sascha Goetzel, Elias Grandy, Keitaro Harada, Christoph König, Courtney Lewis, François López-Ferrer, Markus Poschner, Martynas Stakionis, Kahchun Wong, and Carlos Miguel Prieto; pianists Olga Kern, Nicholas Angelich, Louis Schwizgebel, and Xiayin Wang; cellist Maximilian Hornung; and pianist / violinist / composer Alma Deutscher.

Violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter will collaborate with the new company for special projects.

According to a recent press release, the agency is "rooted in a deep love for the history and legacy of classical music."

"Arabella Arts aims to be a force in bringing the art form into the future by finding and fostering remarkable talent and connecting vital performers with audiences in inventive and engaging ways," the statement reads.