Competitor Order Announced for Queen Elisabeth Violin Competition

Queen Elisabeth Competition Waarts Hagen Lin Cover

The opening round competitor order for the 2015 Queen Elisabeth International Violin Competition, to be held in Brussels from the 4th-30th May, has today been announced - including 6 VC 'Young Artists'.

Monday May 4th - 3pm Session

  • Luke Hsu
  • Lev Solodovnikov
  • William Ching‐Yi Wei
  • Romuald Grimbert‐Barré
  • Kim Woo Hyung
  • Suho Ryosuke

Monday May 4th – 8pm Session

  • VC 'Young Artist' Tobias Feldmann
  • Markiyan Melnychenko
  • Benjamin Baker
  • Thomas Reif
  • Ren Jian

Tuesday May 5th – 3pm Session

Tuesday May 5th – 8pm Session

  • Lee Ju‐Ni
  • Kiyonaga Aya
  • Park Jae Jun
  • Mohri Fumika
  • Kenneth Renshaw

Wednesday May 6th – 3pm Session

  • Bomsori Kim
  • Eunice Kim
  • Guillaume Chilemme
  • Vladyslava Luchenko
  • Anna Savkina

Wednesday May 6th – 8pm Session

  • Mimi Jung
  • Yoo Hwa‐pyung
  • Fabiola Kim
  • Wang Xiao
  • Yang Yoon

Thursday May 7th – 3pm Session

  • He Fangyue
  • Zhu Lifan
  • Park Sungmi
  • Bae Wonhee
  • Lee Myung‐Eun

Thursday May 7th – 8pm Session

  • VC 'Young Artist' William Hagen
  • Galiya Zharova
  • Elly Suh
  • Matsuyama Michiru
  • Karen Kido

Friday May 8th – 3pm Session

  • Huang Xika
  • Francisco Garcia‐Fullana
  • Li Chi
  • Kurokawa Yu
  • Ji Won Song

Friday May 8th – 8pm Session

  • Lee Ji Yoon
  • Brendan Shea
  • Um Danbi
  • Oleksii Semenenko
  • Sirena Huang

Saturday May 9th – 3pm Session

  • Fien Van den Fonteyne
  • Lim Ji Young
  • Solenne Païdassi
  • Rosanne Philippens
  • Jiang Yiliang

Saturday May 9th – 8pm Session

  • George Tudorache
  • Kristi Gjezi
  • Michelle Ross
  • Wang Momo
  • VC 'Young Artist' Stephen Waarts

Of the 62 1st round candidates, 24 will be selected to progress to the Semi-Final Stage.

Widely respected as one of the most prestigious and coveted classical music accolades, the 1st prize winner will receive 25,000 Euro (USD$31,000), a CD recording, a number of international concert engagements and the 3 year use of the ‘Huggins’ Stradivarius – on generous loan from the Nippon Music Foundation.

Live webstreaming of all rounds will be available.

The Violin Channel will be providing live rolling coverage of this year's event – direct from the venues.

PICTURED: 2015 1st Round Candidates, VC 'Young Artists' Stephen Waarts, William Hagen and Richard Lin.
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